Nikos Balogiannis about Vasileiadis Guitars

“The guitars made by Vasilis Vasileiadis are works of art. Vasilis has mastered the deep knowledge possessed by the historic European masters of the past, while at the same time, putting into use his great talent and insatiable passion for creation, and following a long period of personal research, he constantly experiments with and develops the modern instrument construction techniques.

The guitar he made for me, which I already use in my concerts, is an amazing instrument with a magical timbre. It has perfect balance and distinction between the voices, ideal tuning, impressive power, and a sound that stands out for its captivating quality, clarity, depth, duration and projection. It is undoubtedly an instrument of high standards, comparable, if not superior, to those of the leading international luthiers, permeated with the personal character of its creator.

Above all, Vasilis is a rare man of sound morals, modesty, true kindness, and genuine generosity, and I am truly grateful and honoured to consider him not only a colleague and collaborator, but also a precious friend.”

Nikos Balogiannis